Welcome Fellow Travelers,

You are here @ evolvedone.com. Our website offers you goods and services that can assist humanity and Mother Earth in remembering themselves as they truly are. We have created tools that can help you to evolve gracefully and elegantly on your journey of unfoldment. Whether it's Devan's very personal one-on-one Soundings, our DrumMaking Workshops, Devan's Musical Meditations or any of our other offerings, we hope you find encouragement and growth on your path toward living your life in full authenticity. Everything on these pages is a wonderfully unique expression of our truth, our journey and our Divine Purpose. Collectively and individually, we choose to express our authentic Selves to you. Our desire is that you discover something here that piques your interest in learning more about yourSelf or that you find something that turns you on or anything that simply makes you smile to know that you're not on this journey alone.

We're all in this together. We are family. We can create Heaven on Earth. And this is the Club Med of the Universe!

So check us out. See if you find something you like. This will be fun and fruitful!

~ Devan & Dave

Play the following music for Dave's
response to the events that unfolded on and after
September 11, 2001



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